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A sustainable community

A sustainable community

The community of practice for sustainable development in Romania is the first publicly active network of sustainable development stakeholders and agents such as experts, Romanian and European public authorities’ representatives, European Social Fund (ESF) beneficiaries and local and European NGOs. 


A community with a mission


The community of practice has embarked on a difficult but important task: that of ensuring beneficiaries with all necessary resources and instruments for an effective implementation of sustainable development in their ESF financed projects. 


The community of practice aims to:

make useful instruments, methodology and assistance available to the Romanian POSDRU (Human Resources Development Operational Program) beneficiaries;

ensure knowledge sharing among community members in order to promote the sustainable development objectives

inform potential beneficiaries on sustainable development instruments

draw attention upon and promote new forms of sustainable management


Beyond its primary objective of increasing the level of sustainability of the ESF projects, the community of practice is dedicated to building solid understanding and acceptance for sustainability as a simple and normal life principle.


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