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Sustainability in the making - the local meetings

The beginnings of the Community of practice for sustainable development can actually be traced down to April-May 2010, when a series of local working sessions with ESF beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries were carried out in all 7 development regions of Romania, in the framework of the Partnership for Sustainable Development Project.

One of the focal conclusions of the meetings pointed to the necessity of forging a more active, consistent and effective dialogue among all parties interested in effectively integrating sustainable development in ESF financed projects.

The idea of building a dedicated community of practice raised vivid interest among the participants to the talks who openly contributed to the development of a relevant set of objectives for the announced community for sustainable development.

One of the key benefits of meeting the actual and potential ESF beneficiaries in all development regions was that of evaluating their needs in terms of information and instruments considered useful for effectively integrating sustainable development in ESF POSDRU projects, throughout the entire process of project submission and implementation. 

A Report, compiling the most important conclusions of the series of meetings, was put together by the community team and distributed to all stakeholders. The Full Report can be made available upon request. Here are some of the main ideas for the integration of environment and resources protection in ESF financed projects:

  • including specific training for the POSDRU projects' beneficiaries
  • encouragng green acquisitions, including the public ones, for a lower impact on non-renewable resources;
  • promoting energy efficiency tools and renewable energy resources in all activities; 
  • encouraging sustainable transportation (public transport facilities, hybrid vehicles, etc)
  • initiating awareness campaigns on specific subjects (like waste management, green-jobs, corporate social responsibility, etc.) for a broader eco-culture among projects' beneficiaries.

The study undertaken among beneficiaries also underlines the importance of the community of practice for sustainable development to all stakeholders (beneficiaries, potential beneficiaries, management authorities, sustainable development experts). The community's value and utility can best be pinned down by the following five key words:

Assistance - education - information - dialogue - advocacy

  • The community of practice will provide assistance to actual and potential ESF beneficiaries, by involving and activating as many expertise holders
  • The community of practice will make education/formation available to all interested people, through the elaboration of specific educational programs and instruments;
  • The community of practice will focus on delivering relevant, applicable and practical information to all stakeholders 
  • The community of practice will be about the dialogue between all interested parties, with clear focus on debating and applying the solutions and ideas that arise;
  • The community of practice will be a long-distance-running advocate for sustainable development, both as a dimension of ESF financed projects but also as a responsible life-style. 



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