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Solar Decathlon Europe Hosts the First Ever Romanian Team

Prispa (Romania) is the first representative of the Eastern European country at the Solar Decathlon, green building exhibition in Madrid, Spain, this year.

Sustainability in the making - the local meetings

The beginnings of the Community of practice for sustainable development can actually be traced down to April-May 2010, when a series of local working sessions with ESF beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries were carried out in all 7 development regions of Romania, in the framework of the Partnership for Sustainable…

A conference on sustainability through Human Resources Development projects

What is the practical relation between sustainable development and human resources development programs? This and other related questions were central to the conference on Sustainable development and human resources, taking place in Brasov, mid October and bringing together over 140 current and potential European Social…

A sustainable community

The community of practice for sustainable development in Romania is the first publicly active network of sustainable development stakeholders and agents such as experts, Romanian and European public authorities’ representatives, European Social Fund (ESF) beneficiaries and local and European NGOs.


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